Venture Commodities Partners LLP (VCP) is an interdealer broker specialising in oil options and agricultural derivatives. The company was founded in February 2013 by Nour Beyhum and Denis Labatut.

Nour and Denis have a combined 50 years of experience working in financial execution firms, of which 40 years has been in oil options.

Nour was at the forefront of the development of this market in 1993, at the start of his 20-year career at ICAP, where he eventually ran the crude swaps and options desk. This, combined with Denis’ time working with Nour on the oil desk at ICAP, creates a unique partnership with an unparalleled level of market knowledge, information gathering and communication, and ultimately service tailored to fulfill each client’s needs.

Nour and Denis met Paul when he joined ICAP London in 2010 to build their European grains business.  Paul was at the centre of the European grains options development in 2008 when he worked at a physical/derivatives interdealer broker in France. From there he was able to solidify a strong market presence in agricultural options, concentrated around physical players, which continues to this day.  Through the years he has broadened his product base to include all agricultural and soft derivatives. His experience and network has enabled him to provide a level of depth that clients find invaluable in these niche markets.